Full Moon Forgetfulness

We have a full moon tonight- a beautiful sight to behold in itself.   Although, somehow it has a power to transform into something even more breathtaking and peaceful than you could imagine.

Tonight, my best friend for my entire life, showed me a picture she had found earlier today on Facebook.  As I was driving, I asked her to read what it said to me.

“Grab a piece of paper and write anything and everything that no longer serves you. This can be anything…attitude, relationships, emotions, thoughts, people, pain, illnesses… (pretty much anything that you no longer want in your life).

“Once you are done, go outside and burn the paper under the light of the full moon, and thank the Universe.”

This is my first post, so none of you know what I am all about, but lately I have been talking to this guy (I’ll get to that later).  Said guy, let’s call him Tyler, has really opened my eyes to a lot of new things in the such short amount of time I’ve been talking with him.  He’s made me really think in depth about who I am as a person, what I choose to believe in, what I’m skilled at, and where my weaknesses are.  Anyway, after Katelynn (the bestfriend) read that to me, I immediately found a place to park, so I could write my list.

This was going to be such a liberating activity, and it would only take a minute to do.  So, I made my list of everything that I wanted to get rid of.   I read it over once more, just to really let it sink in what I was about to get let go.  I got out of the car, lit it on fire with my lighter, and watched all my stresses, my worries, and all around negativity burn away.  It was true feeling of relief.  It was satisfying.  Peaceful.